The Three Parts Of Competition

Personal Interviews With The Judges is the first and by far the most important part of competition. In this phase, contestants spends 3-5 minutes with each judge on the panel of judges. Each contestant has the opportunity to speak personally with each judge and share their unique personalities.

The second part of competition is the Casual Wear Competition. Each contestant will choose an outfit that they feel comfortable in. The outfits can include any attire worn to a casual event and may even represent attire that is used when participating in a particular sporting event. The thing to remember is to wear something you feel comfortable in and represents your own personal style.

The third part of competition is the Formal Wear Competition. Each contestant will present herself in an evening gown of her choosing. The Jr. Teen & Teen Contestants usually wear a gown that they may have worn to homecoming or prom. The Junior Pre-teen (Ages 7-9), Pre-teen (Ages 10-12), Junior Teen (Ages 13-15) and Teen (Ages 16-19) contestants may wear a full-length gown or even a party dress. During the Formal Wear Competition, each contestant will complete a modeling routine that they have learned previously at rehearsal and training class. The Emcee will also present each contestant center stage and ask each their division's main question that was presented to them earlier that day at rehearsal. Once again, the contestants will have the opportunity to express their unique personality on stage.

Keep in mind that no past experience is necessary and training will be provided. Personal self-enhancement and modeling will be the focus of the contestant's Training Classes and Rehearsal.